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A bit like a Fleet Management Company but radically different.

We like different if it means putting as much distance as possible between us and some of the poor stereotypes of this industry.

The Fleet Business was conceived to deliver fleet solutions with more in common with the innovative, refreshing and customer centric attitudes of the emerging tech sectors than the traditional attitudes of the Fleet Sector.

So our answer to any question is always ‘yes”, we then rise to the challenge of how to deliver on that commitment, what we won't do is answer with a theatrical “sharp intake of breath”, we won't ask “how long is a piece of string” and worst of all we won’t tell you “ that some mythical or long since extinct creature will call you back” and for the avoidance of doubt we always deliver on our “yes”.

What we do

Fleet Maintenance, Servicing, Cars, Vans & Trucks, Tyres, Glass, Recovery & Bodywork
Total Fleet Management, Acquisition, Disposal, Vehicle Leasing, Grey Fleet
Driver Risk Assessment , Driver Behaviour Modification & Training

We are in the hassle industry, things go wrong, vehicles fail, drivers damage them.
What you will never know is the crazy lengths we go to make things happen; trips across country to rectify a problem on Friday afternoon, 3am starts to ensure an emergency repair to the Chairman's car to guarantee his car is ready to meet his flight, 100 of calls to replace a tyre by 6pm. Our valued clients appreciate the crazy stuff even if they oblivious to lengths we go to deliver on the “yes”.

Cost Reduction

Every business needs to reduce costs and increase profits.
The Fleet Business can demonstrate how to reduce your fleet costs and at the same time improve your fleet experience and reduce the hassle of running your fleet.

Let us undertake a review of your fleet practices and show you to how reduce your costs.

No Fee, no commitment simply call to book an on site meeting.






The Fleet Business is a vehicle fleet solutions business providing total UK wide support to vehicle fleets of all sizes across the UK and Ireland.