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FACT : Every business needs to reduce costs and wants to increase profits

The Fleet Business can demonstrate how to reduce your fleet costs and at the same time improve your fleet experience and reduce the hassle of running your fleet.

Let us undertake a review of your fleet practices and show you to how reduce your costs.
No Fee, no commitment simply call to book an on site meeting.
Prior to meeting please think about the following:

Hidden Costs
Are the right people managing your fleet?
Is it the best use of your valuable human resources to have people taking time to operate outside their sphere of expertise tearing their hair running your vehicle fleet and managing remote, demanding drivers when they could be making a bigger contribution to your operations and profits by concentrating on “their day job”.

The Fleet Business will manage your fleet without charging a management fee, you simply pay for vehicle and driver services.

Fleet Servicing Costs
Are you paying more than you need for routine servicing & repairs.
Don't be seduced by big headline savings that ultimately cost you more because of aggressive up sell.

The Fleet Business can reduce your day to day service & repair costs in real terms.

Vehicle Acquisition
We have access to the very best Lease rates and deals on Cars, Vans & Trucks.
Is leasing right for you, in the case of high mileage vehicles it might be better to purchase new or nearly new vehicle

The Fleet business can advise on the best outcomes and deals.

Lease Vehicle Return Costs
Lease companies often charge substantial end of lease charges and invariably charge for something.
By using our End of Lease Package we currently have a 100% track record of reducing End Of Lease recharges to ZERO

The Fleet Business lease return package can reduce these costs to zero and halve your end of lease costs.

The biggest cost factor in any vehicle fleet are the people driving your vehicles.
Poor driver behaviour could potentially wipe out a business and ruin many lives and livelihoods.
Driver Risk Management is a statutory responsibly that many companies are unaware of and are therefore vulnerable to the consequences.

The Fleet Business can deliver a driver risk management solution that can save lives and reduce costs.



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