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The obvious focus of any vehicle fleet is the hardware, the Cars, Vans & Trucks, but failing to recognise the part of the software - the driver will at best prove very expensive and at worst disastrous and risk the continuity of your business.

The Fleet Business recognises that in a vehicle fleet the driver is:

  • The most complex part
  • The most valuable part
  • The most expensive part
  • The riskiest part

Extent of Driver Risk
Few companies actually realise:
  • An employee’s partner driving to a supermarket in a company car on Saturday is driving on Company business
  • Driving to the bank in your own car is driving on company business
  • Most non spectacle wearers have not had an eye test within the last 2 years and therefore may not pass a road site number plate test.

To comply with UK law every company needs to have a clear driver policy which is; comprehensive, documented and understood by anyone driving on company business

The Fleet business can help by:
  • Providing a comprehensive driver policy and manual
  • Identifying who drives on company business
  • Defining what constitutes “driving on Company Business”
  • Assessing drive fitness and competence
  • Monthly monitoring of driver risk & compliance
  • Strategy for managing driver health and fitness


Few companies understand that the biggest contributor to Fleet Costs is the driver:
  • Increased repair & service costs
  • Increased Tyre wear
  • Increased glass repair costs
  • Reduced vehicle resale values
  • Substantial End of Lease costs

Driver Cost Reduction
The Fleet Business can reduce driver related costs by:
  • Identifying risky drivers
  • Identifying poor drivers
  • Recognising and reporting vehicle abuse
  • Recommending driver assessment & training

Corporate Manslaughter Legislation
Nobody ever wants to be responsible for the death of another human being. However failing to manage driver behaviour appropriately could lead to Company Managers being judged to be complicit in such a scenario and having to face the moral and legal consequences which could include imprisonment and crippling company fines.

The Fleet Business has the knowledge and skills to dramatically reduce the probability odds such a nightmare through:
  • Compliance Checking
  • Identifying Company drivers
  • Driver Policy
  • Licence Checking
  • Identifying High Risk Drivers
  • Driver Monitoring
  • Driver Risk Assessment
  • Driver Training
  • Driver Tracking Technology


Including: “Cash for Cars”, “Car Allowance Drivers”, “Private Car Drivers”

These schemes have many names but essentially involve using a car provided by the employee in exchange for a monthly sum or preferential mileage rate. Grey Fleets are growing in popularity but contain inherent risks, dangers and benefits to both parties, there is far more to a grey fleet than the giving and receiving of a car allowance.

Employee Issues

  • Having to manage a high mileage vehicle (previously done by the company)
  • Vehicle Choice
  • Vehicle Acquisition issues, buy/lease/contact hire/PCP
  • Maintenance Issues
  • Tax & Cost Implications
  • Potentially more tax efficient
  • More freedom of choice
  • Freedom to move companies without car issues

Company Issues

  • Do you have a grey fleet policy?
  • How much should allowances be?
  • How do you know if your drivers are driving, safe, taxed, insured and approved vehicles?
  • Duty of care and liability to Corporate Manslaughter Legislation remains
  • What monitoring systems do you have to manage an asset you do not own or control?

The Fleet business can help by:

  1. Helping to formulate a grey fleet policy
  2. Making ALL our services available to Grey Fleet Drivers
  3. Monitoring and recording Great Fleet Data
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Service Records
  • VED Payments
  • Insurance detail
  • Driver Support Hotline
  • Exception Reporting



The Fleet Business is a vehicle fleet solutions business providing total UK wide support to vehicle fleets of all sizes across the UK and Ireland.