The Fleet Business offers a customised fleet management package to suit the unique requirements of your fleet and your organisation and if we service and maintaining your fleet we will provide a fleet management solution without charge.

In practice The Fleet Business will reduce both your direct fleet running costs and remove the hidden or hassle cost that goes with every vehicle fleet.

The Perception is the cost of running a vehicle fleet is divided into 2 main headings: • Acquisition costs

Cost of acquiring vehicles by Lease, Purchase etc

Running Costs

Servicing, Maintenance, tyres etc

But the true cost is very much higher, than the sum of running and acquisition costs, Running & Acquisition costs represent only a 2/3 of total fleet costs. The third cost is made up of admin burden/business loss or known colloquially as the “hassle Costs” of running a fleet 

The Hassle Cost is made up of a number of elements:

• Organising repairs & maintenance

• Liaising with drivers

• Vehicle off road time

• Liaising with vehicle suppliers, service agents etc

• Getting approval

• Sorting out suppler accounts


However the biggest element of the hassle cost is the opportunity cost to the business. The fact is that whoever is trusted sufficiently to run the fleet would be much more effective concentrating on the core company activity which actually makes money rather than costing money.


The Fleet Business will reduce costs by:

  • Taking away the hassle costs by handling the day to day fleet management function

  • By reducing acquisition/disposal cost

  • Reducing running costs through our network