Oil for the Car


Clients & Partners

Our Clients

Our clients range from SMEs to multi national companies often with a requirement to support fleets locally and nationally.

The Fleet Business recognises each organisation has different needs and structures and different requirements for both their fleet and fleet partners, we will customise our services to match the precise needs of the organisation, small or large.

Our Partners

The Fleet Business recognises the excellence of many specialiist companies in the fleet sector, our philosophy has always been that we should seeks out partnerships with those companies and partner with them to deliver the highest quality and most comprehensive package to our clients.

Garage Network

Our Network of over 400 garages are ideally placed to provide local service wherever your vehicles are or wherever they go.

Each has been checked and proven to deliver the level and range of services our clients need. Our network includes marque specialists, car, van and truck specialists, together with bodywork repair, tyre, glass and auto electricians.

Leasing Network

The Fleet Business does not rely on one source of vehicle for finance supply.

Our nationwide lease contacts are able to supply from a variety of sources and brand specialists, we can ensure the very best lease rates and deal together with delivery when required, more important we will take the time to discuss your thoughts and options rather than simply responding anomously to a precise specification.

Support Network

The Fleet Business approach does not revolve around having every resource in-house.

Our philosophy is to bring the very best resources in to meet our clients needs whatever and wherever they they are. Our industry and your needs are too large and complex for a single supplier to have all skills in-house, the skills lies in delivering solutions on time and cost effectively saving our clients a great deal of time and hassle.