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Why Choose

The Fleet Businesss?

Hassle Cost

The hassle cost is a new concept but sadly not a new experience.

The traditional view is fleet costs are divided equally between acquisition (leasing, purchasing costs) and running costs (Insurance, fuel servicing etc).

The true cost of running a fleet is much higher, there is a 3rd hidden cost, the real cost of running your fleet:

The Fleet Business can eliminate this cost by running your fleet efficiently, cost effectively and leaving you to do your day job which generates real profits for your business because your are good at it.

One Call Solution

Why manage a number of suppliers and accounts when one call will do?

One call to one number and your fleet issues will be resolved whatever the vehicle, whatever the issue regardless of the vehicle or driver location. Whether it be a new vehicle need, a service, tyres, recover or disposal, it just needs one call to address the issue


Sorry no call centre!

We are a small very committed niche business, we don't have minus fleet size issues, we don't rely on an anonymous call centre, we don't have inflexible service terms, like your favourite boutique hotel our client relationships are based on understand what our clients need and delivering on their terms.

Cost & Efficiency

The Fleet Business will reduce your costs without charge.

We charge for the service we provide, we will not charge to manage your fleet - a big difference

By using our buying power and skills we can reduce all fleet costs and eliminate your hidden management cost.

The fleet Business will run your fleet, leaving you to run your business.

We Return Calls

We really do answer & return calls. 

We will take calls from everyone in the organisation and provide a managed solution to the issue.

So whether its a service request, replacement screen, recovery or a new vehicle request we will deliver a response and manage the issue.